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Glossary of Terms

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Glossary of Terms

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Words beginning with K, L

- K -

KDAT: Kiln dried after treatment. Lumber that has been kiln dried to 19% or less moisture content after being pressure treated.

KILN: A room, building or chamber where temperature, relative humidity, and air circulation is controlled to dry wood.

KILN DRIED: Lumber that has been seasoned in a kiln to a calculated moisture content reducing shrinkage, twisting, splitting and strengthening the finished product

KNOT: The portion of a branch of a tree that appears on the edge or face of a piece of lumber. Usually a circular mark on a board or piece of lumber showing where the branch was.

- L -

LATCH: The locking device on a door or window.

LATH: A narrow thin strip of wood. Laths are the vertical and horizontal or diagonal strips of wood used in latticework Also wood strips used as backing for plaster.

LATTICE: Framework consisting of an ornamental design made of strips of wood or metal. A framework of crossed wood or metal strips.

LINEAL: In a straight unbroken line

LINEAR FOOT: A measurement of the length of a board. Linear: Having only one dimension which is length. Long and narrow with parallel sides.

LF: Lineal (running) foot. A measurement of the length of a board.

LM: Lineal (running) meter. A measurement of the length of a board.

LINTEL: Header; A beam placed perpendicular to wall studs above doors, windows or other openings to carry the weight of structural loads.

LONGITUDINAL: Running the length of the building.

LUMBER: Any of the framing wood. Logs which have been sawn, or sawn and planed, and cut to length.