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Glossary of Terms

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Glossary of Terms

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Words beginning with M, N, O

- M -

MAILBOX: A box at or near a dwelling for the occupant's mail.

MASTIC: Heavy-consistency compound that may remain adhesive and pliable with age. Is typically a waterproof compound applied to exterior walls and roof surfaces. Descriptive of compounds that remain elastic and pliable with age

MDF: Medium density fibreboard. A special type of tempered hardboard with a fine, smooth finish. MDF is used in cabinet making.

MEETING RAIL: The members of a window or sliding door that come together in an interlocking action when the window/door is closed.

MEMBER: Piece of timber that is part of a frame or structure.

MID-RAIL: Also called meeting stile and meeting rails. The horizontal members of a sliding glass door, a sliding window, or the vertical members of a hung window where two panels meet and create a weather barrier.

METAL STRAP: Short lengths of metal strap 25x1 (1/16x1) used to fix members together to resist uplift.

MG: Gauged smooth finish.

MSG: Machine stress graded.

MULLION: The vertical or horizontal divisions or joints between single windows in a multiple window unit. A divider in a window.

MUNTIN: A vertical framing member set between two rails in a door or in paneling. A short vertical or horizontal bar used to separate panes of glass in a window or panels in a door. A term often confused with mullion.

- N -

NAIL: A thin pointed piece of metal that is hammered into material as a fastener.

NAIL PLATE: Gang nail plate; Metal plate with rows of sharp points that are hammered into butt-jointed timber to secure the join.

NOGGING: Dwang; A short piece of timber set between two studs, joists, rafters or purlins to keep them rigid.

NOMINAL SIZE: The rough-sawn size of a piece of lumber. Before the lumber is planed or dressed. The nominal size is usually greater than the actual dimension. e.g. 100x50 (2 x 4) actually equals 90x45 (1 1/2" x 3 1/2").

- O -

O.C.: On center; (See CENTERS)

OCTAGON: A polygon with 8 sides. Octagonal: Having eight sides and eight angles. Of or relating to or shaped like an octagon.

ON CENTER: (O.C.) Crs, centers. The term used to define the measured spacing between studs, joists, rafters, etc. O.C. measurements are taken from the center of one member to the center of the adjoining member.