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cape cod chair
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How to build a Cape Cod Chair
Author: Les Kenny; Editor: Maree Anderson


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from Dave Adirondack chair from Dave
Hey thanks a lot for the Adirondack chair plan, It worked out fantastic although I haven't decided on a finish for it yet... more »
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from Nigel Harrison Adirondack chair from Nigel Harrison
I attach photos of my Cape Cod Chair. Before and after painting (white with duck egg blue seat and back)... more »
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from Daniel - Hamilton. Adirondack chair
Hi, just wanted to say Thank you very much for being so generous with your plans for the Adirondack Chair. I really enjoyed building these chairs and your plans are so easy to follow. Cheers.
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from Nico - Auckland, NZ
To buildeazy
Thank you so much for the plans for Cape Cod Chair.
I am not a builder by any means but managed to put together a very comfortable chair using the plans   more and photo >>

from Peter Brown
Here's my handiwork! Great chairs! I used eastern white cedar 1x and laminated two pieces for the arms. I needed to add an extra brace   more and photo >>

from H Kornaat, The Netherlands
Hi, Thank you very much for your perfect plan! Years ago I've seen these chairs in a similar design and wanted to purchase them.   more and photo >>

from Jake
adirondack chair Thanks for the great plans. I really enjoyed building the Adirondack chair. I liked it so much that I built a bench that I've attached a picture of. If someone builds the chairs the bench uses the same principles and can be easily built. Jake   Click on photo to enlarge >>

from Nick, Lindsay, Lukas - Melbourne.
Adirondack chair G'Day from Down Under and a big thanks to you guys at Buildeazy for the Adirondack Chair plans. We've just completed the first of the two chairs to go by our pool and are really pleased with the outcome. more >>   Click on photo to enlarge >>

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