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Free-standing Carport Project

free-standing carport
How to build a basic free-standing carport.
Page Contents
1: Introduction - Wood sizes - Measurements
2: Identifying the parts - The height - The roof fall
3: The plans - Setting out
4: Installing the posts, 3 options
5: The beams and rafters, fixing detail
6: The bracing options
7: User Photos/Comments you are on this page

User Photos/Comments

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User Photos/Comments about this project

Thank you for posting your on-line carport construction plans. They were helpful.
Craig black line
Regarding your carport design....The only negative comment I have is the use of PVC roofing material. There are three drawbacks; #1. The sun will turn the timbers underneath charcoal black in the places the wood comes in close proximity with the PVC. #2. In the colder climates the PVC roofing is very brittle in the wintertime. If you are shovelling snow be very careful not to crack the roofing or damage it with your shovel. #3. PVC roofing will sweat in the days when there is a heavy frost on the roof. When the sun hits the roof condensation will build up underneath and start to "rain" inside the carport. An alternative suggestion is a tin roof. Sheath the roof and cover with heavy roofing felt. Then strap the roof with 2x4's and install the tin. Much more durable and does not sweat, burn, or crack. Other than that, great site and good basic ideas....
Just one more point to add. The 4" slope to the roof of the carport is not enough if you are using PVC roofing. The PVC has a tendency to bow downward and collect water between the rafters if there is not enough pitch to the roof. With tin I think you could get by with a 4" slope but not PVC. Take care,
Langley, B.C. CANADA. black line
Thanks for the carport plans. I used it as a basis for constructing loose boxes-cum-stables for my horses.
Chris. black line
I built this carport after my first one collapsed because of snow. This was a very simple plan and I thank buildeasy for it. The only thing I did different was replaced the 4X4 with 4X6 for added support and I have to say it is perfect for an additional space. I built it with a friend in 2 days (because I needed the cement to dry) I use it to house my boat. And I have had 32" of snow on it now for 3 weeks.