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Playhouse Project

kids play cottage
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How to build a Kids Play Cottage
Page Contents
1: Introduction, measurements, wood sizes
2: Material requirements
3: Plans - walls and panels
4: Plans - floor and door
5: Cutting the panels, making the floor
6: Making the walls
7: Adding battens, window/door openings

8:  Levelling the floor, standing the walls  you are on this page
9:  Making the roof
10: Fitting the ridge capping
11: Fitting the valley boards
12: Making the door
13: Fitting the door
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To view all available plans in downloadable pdf file click here.

Step 9. Levelling the floor levelling the playhouse floor and standing the walls

Time to start putting it all together!

Put the floor in place and ensure that it is level.
To achieve this, you may have to put blocks or packers at varying points under the floor joists.

Step 10. Putting up the walls

Partly hammer in some temporary holding nails around the sides of the floor frame.

Position them (the nails) 200mm (8") in from each corner and 70mm (2 3/4") down from the top of the floor.

In all there will be 8 temporary nails, two along each side of the floor.

This gives something to sit the walls on until such time as they (the walls) can be fixed permanently in place.

Commence standing the walls by sitting one of them on the nails and then sliding it in place until the plywood is flush with the corner of the floor at one end and projecting 10mm (3/8") past the floor at the other end.

Refer drawing g of the Plans section for clarity.

Nail along the bottom of the wall into the joist.

Step 11. Putting up the walls (cont'd)

Continue with the other three walls in the same manner.

It will now become obvious why the ends of each wall are made differently, why one end of the wall is flush with the floor area and why one end projects past… It all now (or should) fit neatly into place!