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adirondack chair
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Adirondack Chair
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I had been itching for about a year to make one of these, I now have completed two, and plan to make a half dozen more for the family members, everyone that has seen them, then sits for a spell, just love them. Found the plan very easy to follow, and the chair assembly was/is a piece of cake.
John North Island New Zealand.
Greetings from sunny South Africa - this time from the whale watching capital of the world : HERMANUS !!
I have also just completed the Adirondack chair using - as a basis - your fantastic FREE plan ! And what A beautiful chair it turned out to be !! I am really so pleased with my Adirondacks ( I made two ! )
After some thinking, looking at pictures of other Adirondacks, and planning in my head, I made the following
Changes to your basic plan :
6 Back slats instead of 4
Raised the Leg to 600
Instead of using a 45mm arm with an angle at the back, I opted for a 45mm upper back frame cut at an angle and fitted below the arm at the back
A more flowing pattern for the arm brace
Increased the chair frame size to 180 X 30 X 1000
The above changes made for a really handsome chair - and I am rightly pleased ! Thank you, Buildeazy, for Helping me with a lovely project !
Please put me on your mailing list for forthcoming free plans !

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I have just finished building my first Adirondack chair, based on your specs. Your design was the best, by far, of all the designs I was able to locate on the internet
I have to tell you that it turned out beautifully. The proportions were just about right. The only change I would suggest is that the chair be narrower by about 2-3".
Thanks for furnishing such detailed drawings.
Irv Berman
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