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k2 red telephone box
How I made my K2 Telephone Box
Author: Les Kenny; Editor: Maree Anderson


Table of Contents

Getting around
The size of the thing
About the measurements used
Chapter overview
A visual index
Chapter 1: The head
Overview of the head section
Getting started
Step 1.1. The head side-frames
Step 1.2. The head inner support structure
Step 1.3. The form (mold) for the hypertufa
Step 1.4. Hypertufa
My hypertufa mix
Some safety stuff
Mixing the hypertufa
Placing the hypertufa
Hypertufa - the curing process
Why cover it with polythene?
Step 1.5. Slurry - a skim coat
Off with the formwork
Step 1.6. The head side-covers and the crown
The head side-covers
The trim around the side-covers
The crown
Fixing the trim to the side-covers
Step 1.7. Fiberglass
Step 1.8. Paint - undercoating the head
Step 1.8. Paint - for the crown impressions
Chapter 2: The Body Frame
Overview of the body frame
Wood I purchased for the body frame
Step 2.1. Shaping the frame members
The groove. Cutting measurements
Step 2.2. Cutting the frame members to length
Step 2.3. Making the wall frames
Step 2.4. The body frame
Note about the glue
Step 2.5. The shackles
Chapter 3: The Neck and the Sign
Overview of the Neck
The telephone sign
Step 3.1. The neck - making the box unit
Making up the box unit
The corner infill pieces
Step 3.2. The aluminum angle for the sign
Step 3.3. Internal perimeter pieces
Step 3.4. Fitting the neck
Step 3.5. The telephone sign
The font
Chapter 4: The Door and Windows
Step 4.1. The door/window-opening trims
Door and window overview and plan
Step 4.2. Wood for the door and windows
Cutting the pieces
Step 4.3. Joining the stiles and rails
Step 4.4. Notching the muntin bars
Step 4.5. Fixing the muntin bars
Step 4.6. Painting the door and windows
Step 4.7. The acrylic sheet
Chapter 5: The Base and Some Painting
Step 5.1. Making the base
Step 5.2. Some painting
Chapter 6: Putting it all together
Step 6.1. Putting it all together
Fitting the window units
Some strengthening
The door closer
Chapter 7: The ceiling and the night light
The desired effect
Step 7.1. The rose and ceiling
The wood
Making the rose pattern
Marking, drilling, and cutting the rose
Tapering the rose
Painting and fitting the ceiling and rose
The light goes on
Chapter 8: The plans
All the plans
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