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Kid's Play Fort Project

treeless play fort
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How to build a Kid's Play Fort

Page Contents
1: Introduction and about the wood sizes
2: Required wood and alternative sizes
3: Cutting list and hardware requirements
4: Plan - Footprint (looking down view)
5: Plan - Front and rear wall-frame
6: Plan - Front elevation (looking to the front)
7: Plan - Rear elevation (looking to the rear)
8: Plan - Left side elevation (left side view)
9: Plan - Right side elevation (right side view)
10: Plan - Floor (floor plan and detail)

11: Step-by-step images (pictorial summary)
12: Instructions step 1
13: Instructions step 2 - 4
14: Instructions step 5 - 8
15: Instructions step 9 - 11
16: Instructions step 12 - 13 and safety note
17: Photos - other peoples handiwork
18: User Photos/Comments  you are on this page
Appendage: Counterbalance for the trapdoor
Appendage: Guide to adding a slide

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User Photos/Comments

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User Photos/Comments about this project

Just a query re the childs play fort. I am in the process of building it now, having purchased plans over the weekend.
I notice that the 4x4 beam across the top is only supported by the two roof apex, a3/4 and b3/4 with additional support provided by the plywood.
Just found myself concerned that the structure may not be strong enough to support the beam plus weight of children and was looking for some reassurance.
Has anyone suggested any additional supports for the roof beam, or had any similar concerns?
Many Thanks. Steve

Reply from BuildEazy:
Hi Steve
Thank you for your query and concern.
I have had the play fort project online for over ten years. A lot of plans have been sold and many forts have been made. I even made three or four myself back then. Over that time I have not received a report of any incident.
Cross piece (a4) is bolted to both A-frame members (a4). The front frame is further strengthened by 3/4" plywood bolted to the above members. The beam sits on top of cross piece (a4). The structure should be more than adequate to support the beam and a child.
Regardless, precautions should be taken. Ensure that the beam is clear (free of any knots).
The fort should be treated as a playground - with rules and supervision.
Regards, Les Kenny black line
Thanks for the awesome plans!
Enjoy the video -
Best, Omer black line
Hello, I downloaded your plans a couple of months ago and finally finished the project after a few weekends of work.
I used 2x4's instead of 2x3's (lumber yard didn't have 2x3....maybe a US standard), added a lower floor, added supports for the cheap slide,   more and see pictures
Paul black line
Hello form Hungary (Budapest). Dear Buildeazy thank you so much for the plans.
As you can see I made some slight modifications and it needs some painting, but the snow came early so I couldn't finish the paint job.
The kids love it. Warm regards,
F.S.   See pictures black line
Hello from Pennsylvania,
I just completed the Kid's Play Fort. The design was exactly what I wanted. The plans were simple and accurate. I'm the lady with the jigsaw and my friend has the drill. My grandson loves his new fort. If granny and her friend can build it, no one should have any problems. I did change the roof; used plywood and painted it blue with puffy clouds. Thank you.
Carol Deaver   Langhorne, PA   See picture black line
Hello, I purchased the kids fort design and built a slightly modified fort last summer. I thought you would be interested in seeing the finished project. I found the plans easy to follow and very helpful.
Kindest Regards, Doug Hubble   Ontario, Canada   See picture black line
I purchased the Play Fort plans last year and finally completed the Play Fort. My son, who is 9 years old, loves it. I wanted to include a picture of the finished product. Thank you so much for the plans!   See picture
Jim Beers   Hellertown, PA. black line
Awaiting further photos/comments