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How to make a Pergola
pergola posts, beams and rafters

A square hole (post size) is cut in the decking. The posts are placed through the hole in the decking and into a hole dug in the ground. The bottoms of the posts are bolted to the deck joists or the deck boundary joist and also concreted into the ground. (See drawing below).

pergola posts concreted into ground

The roof structure
The ledger plate (also called stringer) is bolted to the house wall above the door with 12mm (1/2") galvanized screws every 900mm (36") apart. There is (in most cases) a lintel (beam) above all doors, thus ensuring solid fixing. The height of the ledger plate determines the overall roof structure height.

The required heights of the top of the posts are obtained by levelling across from the top of the ledger plate .

The top of the posts are rebated/checked out to accommodate the pergola beam. Refer to image below.

pergola post cut detail

The beam is bolted in place. see the plans for dimensions

The rafters are nailed in place between the ledger and the beam. See the plans for dimensions

pergola rafter construction

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