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DIYers Photos and Articles

DIYers Photos and Articles
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This section is dedicated to the DIYers that have completed a buildeazy project and have sent us a picture of the finished product accompanied by a story or comment .
We welcome all photos and/or articles regarding projects from the Buildeazy site. Please send any submissions via the contact us page

Note: The latest submissions are posted on the last page - page 35

Octagonal picnic table
Hello BuildEazy, Another summer project successfully completed thanks to your great plans! Our table is large, solid, and reasonably quick to make. And SO much cheaper than buying one!
As a suggestion, I would suggest cutting the wood for the seats & table tops as you go. That way, any inaccuracies in your frames can be compensated for! Cheers, Callum.


picnic table
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working bench Folding working table   click on image to enlarge
Dear Sirs:
I'm from Argentina, very far away at the south, I built an Adirondack chair using the plans from your web site. Thanks a lot.
I'm sending to you a pair of photos, of a working table that I designed, so you can put them in your free-plans section.
Kind Regards

Buildeazy: Thanks, we have made a special page here

wendy house Wendyhouse   click on image to enlarge
Hello BuildEazy,
Thank you for the free plans for the Wendy House. I have 4 of my 5 nieces are in one family, and are very grateful! It was the first time I have built something like this and the project was a success, largely due to sensible and easy to follow instructions. See the photo's!
Some things future builders might want to consider.
1) Moving the WH. I built off site. With hindsight, I should have attached casters to the floor joists.
2) Invest in a good drop saw (or Compound Miter Saw). I can't believe how much I used it.
3) We painted 3 blackboards internally (on the back of the plywood walls). Nieces 4 loved this.
4) For internal light, might want to use clear plastic roofing materials.
Again, thanks, Callum.


Octagonal picnic table
Dear Sirs, I wanted to let you know that I built your 8-sided picnic table, from the free plans that you posted on your web site. It worked great! I made it a little smaller, and cut the boards to fit as I went, but other than that, I followed your plans to the letter. Thanks a million! Here is a picture of the finished product.
Sincerely, Scott Acton Boulder, Colorado
P. S. I used rough-cut cedar, and sanded the appropriate surfaces after the fact. I finished it with a clear varnish, to preserve the color of the wood.


octagonal picnic table
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adirondack chair Adirondack chair   click on image to enlarge
Hello from Upstate New York my fellow wood workers !
Owning a construction firm I started creating items for my wife that she and I wanted in our home (Entertainment Center, Dinning Room Table and Chairs, etc). Only being 30 minutes away from the Adirondack Mountains we are always on an adventure in our spare time. Going to the Adirondack Museum in the summer last year we discovered these nice rustic chairs. My wife begged me for a few months to make a set for our new deck over looking the St. Lawrence River. I thought it would be a special gift to give her on Christmas. With only 12 hours total on both chairs they were beautiful. I woke up about 4 am on Christmas morning and put them in our living room . The next morning I was relaxing in them watching TV in one of the chairs. She came out and just cried ! SHE LOVED THEM !!! Now they stay in the living room because they are so comfy.
Thank You So Much !!
John and Leslie Alexandria Bay, NY

Wishing well
I built the wishing well from your plans for a friend as a thank you for befriending my Grandmother while she was in the nursing home. My friend was with my Grandmother when she passed away in December. The wishing well brought tears of joy and sadness. Thanks for the plan!! What a wonderful way to say thank you to a dear friend!


garden wishing well
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Wendy house
I just want to thank you guys so much for the FREE plans to the wendy playhouse. My husband and I built this for our two young boys and we are sure that it will last for our grandchildren. We added a few things on the way with the color steel roof, spouting and steps Inside the playhouse is a kitchen a tool bench and a couch. We started building in September and finished on the 24th of December.(just in time for Christmas) All of our spare time was taken up but in the end it was worth it. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
Trina and Scott Severinsen


wendy house
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