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DIYers Photos and Articles

DIYers Photos and Articles
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This section is dedicated to the DIYers that have completed a buildeazy project and have sent us a picture of the finished product accompanied by a story or comment .
We welcome all photos and/or articles regarding projects from the Buildeazy site. Please send any submissions via the contact us page

Octagonal picnic table

My Dad and I just finished building an octagonal picnic table after your excellent plans. A picture is attached. As you can see, we modified the plan slightly by doubling up on the legs at each vertex. The finished table goes excellently well with our new gazebo, which itself is on an octagonal floorplan.
Thanks for providing this awesome free resource!
Cheers- Sean Ragan   Austin, TX


an octagonal bbq picnic table
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Garden wishing well

We had never built anything before, but we found the plans for the wishing well and gave it a try.

We were so happy with the outcome that we scaled down the plans and made two small wells for our mothers for Mother's Day.
Clark. USA


large garden wishing well
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Kids BBQ Picnic Table Plans

Wanted to add this pic to my comments about children's picnic table.

Thanks! Still love checking out your site
Lorrie Marantz.


kids bbq picnic table
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Octagonal picnic table
Last weekend I Googled for picnic table plans and found your site. I chose to try building the octagonal table pictured below. It was a little more work than the standard table, but very easy to do with the plans you provided. I think it turned out pretty well and my wife loves it!
Thank you for a great site!    Wjd


an eight seater octagonal picnic table
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Garden seat
I just wanted to thank you for your great Garden Seat plans. This was my first project I have every done like this and your plans were very easy to follow. I took another builders advice and changed the back angle to 15% but also added my own twist on the seat and back, old snowboards! Thanks for your designs, I will hopefully be building more things soon.    Adam


a simple wooden garden seat
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Picnic table

Thanks to your web site I have built this picnic table.



four seater picnic table
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