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So! You want a shed that compliments the garden

Well, we have two Tudor-Style Shed plans to pick from, a garden shed and a storage shed.
bullet The 8x7 garden shed is free online,
bullet The 10x10 storage shed is free online but there is also a downloadable version that costs $5 (USD). The downloadable version is print friendly and free of advertising. (scroll down for more info)

8x7 tudor style garden shed 8x7 Tudor-Style Garden Shed Plans- Free

The garden shed plans are free online along with instructions and a lot of other helpful stuff.

This shed has an appealing, fairy-tale Tudor look, with its sloping side walls and curved braces.

Whereas most wooden sheds consist of a frame, with a siding or wall cladding fixed on the outside, this shed has the cladding fixed on the inside. Sort of back-to-front from the 'run of the mill' shed.

The Tudor-Style Garden Shed is 8'x7' and can be seen at https://www.buildeazy.com/workshop/tudor-shed-1.html

Want something a bit more roomier? 10x10 tudor style storage shed

10x10 Tudor-Style Storage Shed Plans - Free

A similar style to the shed above but with a lot more room. The 10x10 Tudor-Style Shed would be suitable as a storage shed or a workshop or even an office.

The Tudor-Style Storage Shed is 10'x10' and can be seen at https://www.buildeazy.com/10x10-tudor-shed-1.html

Want the above free of advertising and all in one downloadable pdf file?

10x10 Tudor-Style Storage Shed Downloadable Plans - $5.00 USD
The downloadable file contains 26 pages of plan drawings, instructions, and help references

The downloadable plans can be purchased for $5.00 USD and immediately downloaded to your computer.
The plans are in PDF file. The file size is 2.45mb

To Purchase the plans using Paypal secure server click here

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