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Making a Balinese-style bench

Step 10.   Join the front to the back

bench seat frame

Align the front portion of the bench frame above the back portion, and hold it in position with props and clamps (see photo).

Ensure the alignment is correct and that the lower part of the rear legs are parallel with the front legs, and then nail the side rails to the rear legs.

Leave the clamps on until the shaped braces have been fixed in place.

Step 11.   Fit the seat boards

the seat boards

Screw a seat support along the front rail 40 mm (1¼") down from the top.

Measure between the front and rear rails, to determine the length of the seat boards. They should be approximately 505 mm (20½") long.

Cut the seat boards out of 145 mm x 45 mm (1½" x 5½") wood.

You will need 9 boards. One may need to be ripped down in order to fit.

Cut the seat boards and fit them, but first apply a run of glue along the seat supports.

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Fix by way of screwing from underneath - through the seat supports into the seat boards.

The bench seat boards from underneath

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