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Making a Balinese-style bench

Step 13.   Fit the arm

fitting the arm of the bench

Cut the tops off the knobs on both arms.

This can be done with a miter saw, band saw, bench saw or even a hand saw.

Add glue to the ends of the arms and the top of the front legs.

Position the arms and fix (nail) the back of them to the rear legs. The front of the arms will be sitting loosely on top of the front legs.

Drill down through the top of the arms into the top of the front legs.

Make the drill hole (through the arm) the same size as the shank of the screw.
Make the drill hole into the top of the leg, a smaller size than the shank of the screw.

Insert the screws - 200 mm (8") long galvanized lag / coach screws, and tighten them.

Then glue and nail the top pieces back on the arm to cover the bolt heads.

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