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Making a Balinese-style bench


Step 1.   Make the front legs

Mortise hole markings on the legs

Out of 90 mm x 90 mm (3½" x 3½") wood, cut two pieces (the legs) at 475 mm (19") long.

They will each need a hole (mortise) cut through them to house the side rails.

To do this, first mark the mortise hole positions on the legs.

front leg plan

Drilled mortise holes in the legs

The holes will need to be marked on both sides of the legs so they can be drilled and chiseled from both sides.

The top of the holes will be 400 mm (16") up from the bottom.

The hole size will be the same as the side rail width and thickness, which is 90 mm x 45 mm (1½" x 3½").

Mark the holes accordingly on both sides of the legs.

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Cut out the holes (mortises)

Chiselled mortise holes in the legs

Drill out the waste, drilling from both sides of the legs.

Drill inside the marked areas, as close to the marks as possible.

Clean up the holes in both legs with a chisel, coming through from both sides, bit by bit, until the mortises are formed and the side rails can fit snugly into the holes.

Then slightly round the tops of the legs with sandpaper.

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