Merry Christmas 2017

merry christmas sign

Best wishes to everyone from me (Les Kenny) and family.
This year my grandkids cut down their own Christmas trees. Bit of a cost saving thing really – some pictures on that below…
I will also post a bit of Christmas Day stuff when it eventuates.

Christmas tree being cut down by Bailey
Bailey starts cutting down a Christmas tree while Carmel watches on.

Allie cutting down a Christmas tree
Allie Bella starts on her own tree.

Bailey helps cut down a christmas tree
Bailey lends a hand.

Bailey and Allie carrying a Christmas tree
Bailey and Allie taking off with their Christmas tree.

Carmel and Santi carrying a Christmas tree
Carmel and Santi lagging in the rear. “Hey, wait for us.”

two christmas trees ready for the car
“Can we get two trees in the car?”

Lawrence watching christmas trees being loaded into a car
Lawrence watching the Christmas trees being loaded -“OMG! This is like a circus.”

Allie and Hollie riding a see-saw
A while back I made a see-saw (teeter-totter). So what has that got to do with anything?

Christmas tree in a stand
Well the kids took the fulcrum from the seesaw as a stand for the Christmas tree. They stuck a bucket with water in the middle and it done the trick.

Christmas tree being decorated
The Christmas tree went inside and many hands made light work. Allie, Hollie, Carmel, and Bailey.

A swag of BuildEazy projects

Christmas venue
Our family Christmas day 2017 get-together spot, and a gaggle of Buildeazy projects.
Here is a list of projects you can see in the photo taken Christmas morning before any activity. Click on any of them to go straight to that project. [stick chair] [swing seat] [swing seat support] [2×4 folding picnic table] [compact folding picnic table] [Shed (not yet online)] [lounger] [Adirondack chair 1,] [Adirondack chair 2] and a [basic see-saw]

My wacky but essential family. Christmas 2017

Les Kenny family at Christmas day 2017
Christmas day 2017
From left: Carmel (grandkid), Riley (grandkid), Jason (son-in-law), Bailey (grandkid), Rosey (daughter), Angela (daughter), Santi (son-in-law), Lawrence (grandkid), Me and Jen (wife) at the rear, Nanny Jan (mother-in-law), Zoe (daughter-in-law), Carter (grandkid), Glenis (sister-in-law), Jax (daughter), Chris (son), Hollie (grandkid), and Allie Bella (grandkid).

My wacky but essential family. Christmas 2015

Les Kenny family at Christmas day 2015
A couple of years earlier, Christmas day 2015
From left: Me, Lawrence (grandkid), Jenny (wife), Chris (son), Allie Bella (grandkid in the front), Santi (son-in-law), Riley (grandkids), Hollie (grandkid in the front), Rosey (back – daughter), Jax (daughter), Carmel (grandson), Angela (daughter), Bailey (grandkid), Jason (son-in-law), Zoe (daughter-in-law), and Carter (grandkid).

Post your handiwork

A Christmas tree to be proud of? We would love to see a photograph and your story. You can post your handiwork here

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