2 Seater with center table from 1×6

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This ia a downloadable PDF file containing 12 pages of plans, drawings, and step-by-step picture laden building instructions.

This style of bench is very common and there are many varied versions posted around the place.
What differentiates this version is that it is built mostly out of rough 1×6 (150mm x 25mm) actual (true) size lumber.

It is both inexpensive and easy to make – a very comfortable bench with a convenient build in table in the middle

The bench is 61-1/2″ (1560mm) long


Altogether you will need…
Allowing for a little bit of wastage

12 ft (3.6m) of treated 2×4 (100mm x 50mm) actual size lumber.

72ft (22m) of treated 1×6 (150mm x 25mm) actual size lumber.

You will also need…

80 of 2″ (50mm) wood screws,
48 of 3″ (75mm) wood screws,
and some glue.