How to build a shed – 10 x 10 Tudor style

Build a shed Introduction: How to build a shed – 10 x 10 Tudor style. Similar articles: Narrow shed | Board & batten shed This shed is constructed mainly from 1 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ (90mm x 45mm) wood for the framing, 3/4″ (19mm) thick plywood for the floor and wall cladding, and 3/4″ x … Read more

How to build a carport

Introduction Build a carport. This single carport is free standing, I.e., it is not attached to any other structure. It is 6000mm (20ft) long by 3000mm (10ft) wide. It is the most basic of carports. Because each site is different, and individual preferences vary, we have given options for post installation and options for bracing. … Read more

How to build a wooden wishing well

Introduction Wishing well project. This wooden wishing well is relatively easy to construct using common size lumber and will be the feature in any garden or yard. The wishing well is almost 900mm (3ft)in diameter and stands almost 2400mm (8ft) high. Most of the well is constructed out of surfaced (dressed) 100×50 (2×4) lumber. The … Read more