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For purchasing instructions click here Didn’t get your plans? Did you purchase a plan? Was the payment transaction successful but You didn’t get the plan? OK. In a perfect world, once you made a successful payment, you should have been taken to a page containing the plan download link. Doesn’t always happen like that – … Read more

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Basic information on concrete by Les Kenny What is concrete? Concrete is a mixture of cement, sand, gravel and water. More info » What is cement? Cement is a powdery type substance made from a mixture of earths materials such as limestone and shale, which is sintered (cause to become solid mass by heating without … Read more

Inch centimeter conversion calculator

Simply enter a centimeter, inch, or foot amount into the appropriate box below, click on the submit button and presto, all the conversions done. cm feet inch A very simple to use inch centimeter conversion calculator. Enter either a centimeter, inch, or foot amount into the appropriate field box above, click on the button and … Read more

Jess builds a garden chair

Jess’s garden chair project by Les Kenny Jess’s first build. Jess came to build a garden chair – a nice one at that, and she done pretty good. She had a determination to cut straight lines and wouldn’t give up or be hurried until she did just that. Her favorite tool was the jig-saw. She … Read more

DIY playhouse project

Build a playhouse by Les Kenny Built like a real house. This is a very sturdy playhouse, constructed along the lines of a real house. And although this little playhouse is only 1800mm x 1800mm (6ft x 6ft), You could use the same basic principles to build a larger structure. This indepth article to some … Read more

Steel reinforcing in concrete

Steel reinforcing in concrete     Related topics: [What is cement] [What is concrete] [Making a concrete slab] About steel reinforcing in concrete Sometimes steel reinforcing in concrete is put there to strengthen it, help hold the concrete together and limit cracking. In many cases, bigger concrete jobs that require reinforcing steel usually also require a building permit of some kind, in … Read more

How to make a concrete slab floor

A step-by-step example of how to make a concrete slab floor This article explains how to prepare the ground, pour and finish the concrete. Example: A small shed floor: A step-by-step example of how to make a concrete slab floor for a 1800mm x 1800mm (6ft x 6ft) garden shed. The steps for this task … Read more