Neena builds a Stick Chair

Neena’s stick chair project by Les Kenny Neena’s first build. Neena came to build a folding stick chair – not for herself but as a gift for a friend of hers who was moving into her first house. She was a real rip into it type person – Once started she wouldn’t come up for … Read more

Build an Artists Easel

Artists easel – Plans and Instructions An artists easel is a freestanding, three-legged frame structure, usually made of wood, which is used by an artist to hold a canvas upright while it’s being worked on, or to exhibit the piece of artwork. This artists easel is big, solid and bulky. It stands 2000mm (6′ 8″) … Read more

Make a kid’s treehouse

How to build a Tree House with a Slide and Swing-Set PAGE CONTENTS• Introduction and the plans• Making the platform• Laying the deck boards• Attaching the slide• Making the steps• Making the handrail• Making the swing-set Introduction and the plans This article explains how to construct a platform or deck around a tree, how to … Read more

How to build a Wooden Platform Cart

A handy platforn cart for the garden Introduction This wooden platform cart was originally made for another specific purpose: we needed some type of implement to stand on in order to trim the top of the hedge. It had to be something that was stable and yet could be easily moved. Hence, the platform cart. … Read more

Jess builds a garden chair

Jess’s garden chair project by Les Kenny Jess’s first build. Jess came to build a garden chair – a nice one at that, and she done pretty good. She had a determination to cut straight lines and wouldn’t give up or be hurried until she did just that. Her favorite tool was the jig-saw. She … Read more

DIY playhouse project

Build a playhouse by Les Kenny Built like a real house. This is a very sturdy playhouse, constructed along the lines of a real house. And although this little playhouse is only 1800mm x 1800mm (6ft x 6ft), You could use the same basic principles to build a larger structure. This indepth article to some … Read more

Arbors and Pergolas

Arbors and Pergolas Click on any ‘Arbors and Pergolas’ image above to go to that project

Gated arbor

Build a gated arbor by Les Kenny Related articles: [Attached pergola] [Garden arbor] [Peaked arbor] [Pergola arbor] This narrow (depthwise) gated arbor is basically two gate posts with an overhead top consisting of two short decorative beams, two rafters and laths (strips of wood) capable of holding a vine or similar type of plant if so required. The arbor … Read more

How to build a peaked arbor

A Peaked Arbor by Les Kenny Related articles: [Gated arbor] [Attached pergola] [Garden arbor] [Pergola arbor] This peaked arbor is a solid construction with 100×100 (4×4) posts, 100×50 (2×4) rafters, 50×50 (2×2) roof frame members and 50×50 (2×2) laths. The overall height is approximately 2600mm (104″) although that can be changed to suit, and the footprint is 1100mm (44″) … Read more