Hill Lumber’s 3m x 3m pergola

A solid free standing 3m x 3m pergola A Hill Lumber project  By Les Kenny No footings with this one. A great looking solid pergola Preface This 3m x3m pergola is a great looker. The beams and rafters are 140 x 45 dressed treated wood and the posts and braces are 90 x 90.It is … Read more

Hill Lumber’s narrow garden shed

A 1m x 1.8m narrow garden shed made out of standard fence materials A Hill Lumber project  By Les Kenny Made mostly out of inexpensive rough-sawn readily available fencing timber.Simply a solid wooden fence wrapped around a floor with a pitched roof dropped on it. This document comprises of three sections… Section 1. InstructionsSection 2. … Read more

Hill Lumber’s bench with centre table

A two seater bench with built in table made out of 150×25 fence palingsNote: There is another version suited to North America here A Hill Lumber project  By Les Kenny Made solely out of inexpensive rough-sawn readily available fencing timber.An easy to make project. Built by a beginner Follow these easy step-by-step instructions to build … Read more

Zoe builds a bench with table

Zoe’s 2 seater bench project by Les Kenny Zoe’s first build – A 2 seater bench with a small table attached in the middle. Zoe had no fear of using any of the tools. She jumped straight into it and completed the whole job in about 6 hours. The plans and instructions for this project … Read more

Two seater bench with center table

Easy step-by-step picture laden instructions – Just follow along By Les Kenny This style of bench has been around for yonks. This is my version of it. I have authored another (cheaper-to-make) version here. I hope you find these plans useful and easy to understand, if so – please share. I appreciate feedback (end of … Read more

Two seater bench with built in table made of 1×6 lumber

2 seater bench seat

By Les Kenny This style of bench is very common and there are many varied versions posted around the place. This is my version. Novice woodworker Zoe made this table – more » What differentiates this fellow is that it is built mostly out of rough 1×6 (150mm x 25mm) actual (true) size lumber. But … Read more

How to build a kids multipurpose easel

Introduction and the parts list An easy project to make. It can be built without the use of any power tools. This is a good, simple, easy-to-make kid’s easel that can be used for a blackboard, a whiteboard, a clipboard, and an artist’s canvas. To make this easel is simply a matter of cutting the … Read more

How to build a kid’s play cottage

PAGE CONTENTS• Material requirements• The plans• Making the floor• Making the walls• Making the roof• Making the door and windows• Photos of your handiwork Introduction The roof on this kid’s cottage does require some thought, but with a bit of patience and by carefully following the plans and instructions you will soon end up with … Read more

Robyn builds a stick chair

Robyn’s 1×2 stick chair project by Les Kenny Robyn’s second build. Robyn’s first ever build was a large picnic table which can be seen here. She must have got a taste for woodworking projects because soon after she came back to make two stick chairs. One from a previous plan, and the second from a … Read more

Stick chair from 1×2 lumber

Making a folding stick chair by Les Kenny This particular stick chair was designed for and built by Robyn, a novice woodworker and only her second ever woodworking project. You can see more of Robyn making the chair here . It is a fun project. Pictorial table of contents Click on a thumbnail image below … Read more