The Best Palm Sander to Invest in Today

If you’ve ever tried to do sanding by hand, you know how difficult and exhausting a task it is, and how important electronic palm sanders are. Whether you take on massive woodworking projects and you need a sander that is durable and long-lasting, or you need a sander that you can depend on to come roaring to life when you pull it out every couple of years for a project, you need the best palm sander on the market.

The 3 Best Palm Sanders

BLACK+DECKER BDEMS600 Mouse Detail Sander


This is perhaps the best palm sander because it comes from Black + Decker, one of the most well-respected names when it comes to tools. This palm sander comes in a compact size, so it’s easy to store away as well as use. It has a finger attachment for hard-to-reach places as well as a sanding pad included.

There is a three position grip for control and ease of use. It has a 1.2 amp motor that obits 14,000 times a minute, giving you premium sanding. It has a high-performance dust collection system with micro-filtration. The tool weighs 2.8 pounds.


The manufacturer offers a limited one-year warranty.

DEWALT DWE6411K 1/4 Sheet Palm Grip Sander Kit


This is perhaps the best palm sander because it runs on a powerful 2.3 amp motor that sands at 14,000 orbits per minute. The sander has a locking dust-port system that lets the user lock the vacuum hose up with the sander, so even bigger projects won’t create a mess.

The sander now has a reduced overall height, so the user can get closer to their woodworking. This model has a separate counterweight for reduced vibrations as well as a rubber dust boot that fits over the switch to help protect the machine against dust ingestion.


The manufacturer of this palm sander offers a limited one-year warranty.

SKIL 7292-02 2.0 Amp 1/4 Sheet Palm Sander with Pressure Control


This is perhaps the best palm sander because it’s developed by Skil, one of the foremost manufacturers when it comes to power tools. This palm sander uses pressure control technology that warns the user when excessive pressure is applied. It also has a micro-filtration system that captures and contains fine dust particles.

Plus, the dust canister is clear, so the guesswork is taken out of knowing when to empty the canister. And, with the built-in vacuum adapter, you get maximum dust collection. The soft-grip design gives you added comfort and control when using this machine.


This manufacturer offers a limited one-year warranty.

Hi-Spec DT40261 Palm Sanding Machine


This palm sander is a great option because it has a powerful 1.6 amp and a 200-watt motor that’s capable of sanding at 15,000 orbits per minute. The sleek, tear-drop design lets you easily work your way into tight corners as well as on curved surfaces. The ergonomic design and rubberized handle with thumb accessible switch make it an easy handle for beginners and professionals alike. The high-performance dust collecting unit is attached to the back of the tool, so all the dust is contained and easy to get rid of.


The manufacturer offers a one-year limited warranty on this palm sander.

Makita BO4556K 4-1/2-Inch Finishing Sander


This is perhaps the best palm sander available because it has a variable speed control dial, allowing you to control the speed from 4,000 orbits per minute to 10,000 orbits per minute. The through-the-pad dust collection system gives you a cleaner work environment. Or, you can hook it up directly to a vacuum hose for more effective dust collection.

The sander has minimized vibration and contoured grips for added comfort as well as a large trigger switch for easier operation. It also has ergonomically designed contoured grips that offer multiple hand placements and reduce operator fatigue. Plus, it has large cam-lock clamping levers for quick and easy sandpaper installation.


This machine has a five-year limited warranty.



This is perhaps the best palm sander because it has an innovative design that reduces user fatigue and a longer switch life. It’s powered by a 2.0 amp motor that moves at 13,500 orbits per minute. It also has a dual plane, a counter-balanced, low-vibration design that reduces the strain put on the hands and body when using a palm sander.

The dust-sealed switch also protects against dust ingestion. The whole machine weighs just over 3 pounds, so you won’t strain yourself using it, either.


The manufacturer offers a three-year limited warranty.

Bosch Random Orbit 5 inch Sander


This is a great option for those seeking the best palm sander. It has a pad dampening system designed to eliminate swirl marks on both flat and contoured surfaces. It also has easy disc attachment using Bosch’s signature Hook and Loop disc attachment system, which helps sanding pads stick to the hand sander, acting like velcro material.

You also have variable speed control, giving you total control over your woodworking. The machine is powered by a 2.5 amp motor that gives you a powerful tool. The micro-filter system collects fine dust and traps particles as small as a 1/2 micron in diameter.


The manufacturer of this machine offers a three-year limited warranty.

Triton Palm Sander


This is one of the greatest palm sanders because it has a flush side for sanding right up to the edge. It has a rubber over-mold grip to maximize control and safety. It also has a belt tracking adjustment that enables the sanding belt to easily be re-centered.

Plus, the compact lightweight design allows anyone to easily maneuver the sander. Attached is a dust extraction system for a more clean and safe environment and less mess.


The manufacturer offers a 5-year limited warranty on this palm sander.

WEN 6301 Electric Detailing Palm Sander


This option is great because it is so affordable. This palm sander features a 3.75 by 5.5 inch pad with an angled tip for the most precise woodworking. The sander runs on a 1 amp motor that provides 13,500 orbits per minute. It has a lightweight design that has it weighing in at just two pounds, making it extremely easy for anyone to use and maneuver this machine.

It also has a dust collection port that helps to minimize loose sawdust for a cleaner and safer woodworking environment. The velcro base pad lets you remove and install sandpaper with ease.


The manufacturer of this palm sander offers a limited one-year warranty.

Genesis GPS080 Corner Palm Sander


This option is another very affordable palm sander for those woodworkers on a tight budget. It runs 14,000 orbits per minute giving you fast, efficient sanding. The hook and loop accessory fastening system allows you to change sandpaper quickly and easily without those difficult pressing clips.

The dust protected on/of switch gives you the option of utilizing dust removal systems, and the ergonomic design with the sealed switch helps your palm sander have a longer life. The mouse shape pad gives you total control over the machine and easily allows for getting into back corners of your woodworking projects.


The manufacturer offers a one-year limited warranty.

The Verdict

When looking for the best palm sander for your woodworking projects, there are several important considerations. First, what is your price range? If money is no object, you might want to try one of the more expensive models, like the Makita BO4556K 4-1/2-Inch Finishing Sander, or the SKIL 7292-02 2.0 Amp 1/4 Sheet Palm Sander with Pressure Control.

Or, if you’re trying to tighten your purse-strings, try an affordable alternative, like the Genesis GPS080 Corner Palm Sander, the WEN 6301 Electric Detailing Palm Sander, the PORTER-CABLE 380, the Hi-Spec DT40261 Palm Sanding Machine, or the BLACK+DECKER BDEMS600 Mouse Detail Sander. Or, if you’re looking for a more middle-of-the-line model, try the Triton Palm Sander, the Bosch Random Orbit 5 inch Sander, or the DEWALT DWE6411K 1/4 Sheet Palm Grip Sander Kit.

Another important factor is the variable orbits. Some palm sanders allow you to control how fast the sander goes or how many orbits it takes in a minute. The faster it goes, the more orbits it can complete. Having control over the orbits lets you have a more hands-on approach and gives you a higher degree of control over your woodworking project.

Some projects need a gentle touch, and some need a rough rub-down. You might need a palm sander that can do both. If you want a sander with variable orbit, try the Bosch Random Orbit 5 inch Sander, or the Makita BO4556K 4-1/2-Inch Finishing Sander. They will not disappoint on any level.

Whether you are a professional woodworker, or you are just beginning to take on projects that may require a palm sander, it’s important that you find the best one for you to invest in. It’s also important that you properly read the directions and take proper safety precautions, such as wearing protective glasses and work gloves to keep you safe.

Even though palm sanders are small, they are extremely powerful machines, and if used incorrectly, they can cause a lot of damage as well as physical and medical concerns. If you injure yourself while using your palm sander, seek medical assistance as quickly as possible.

And, if your palm sander seems to not be functioning correctly, don’t use it until you reach out to the manufacturer. Using a malfunctioning or broken machine could have serious consequences for not only you but anyone in your vicinity as well.

Product FAQ

1. What Is the Best Palm Sander?

When it comes to finding the best palm sander, there are several competitors. Many palm sanders on the market are high quality and offer comparable results, meaning that there are several that could easily be the best palm sander for you. After all, there’s no accounting for personal taste!

2. Why Are Palm Sanders So Popular?

Palm sanders take the difficulty out of woodworking. If you’ve ever worked on a project that required sanding, you know how much physical exertion is required to make even a little difference. But, palm sanders clamp sandpaper onto a metal pad that moves back and forth very quickly, so the user only has to hold the sander and move it in broad motions.

3. Are Palm Sanders the Only Sanders?

There are lots of different types of sanders, the “palm” part means that it is small enough for you to operate with your hand, and mostly refers to “orbital sanders.” Different types of sanders function differently. There are belt sanders, disc sanders, detail sanders, drywall sanders, file sanders, oscillating spindle sanders, and more.

How We Reviewed

The best palm sander for you will depend largely on specific amenities and personal preference. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve gathered some of the best palm sander options on the market and compared them on a handful of key variables. By the end of this article, you will have a better idea of which option is the best palm sander for your projects.

Overall Price Range

Depending on several key factors, you can expect to spend somewhere from around an average price range on the best palm sander.

For more product reviews, FAQs, and information on everything power tools, visit our website today.


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