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Do not infringe upon our copyright!


We now actively track infringers down and take action

Since the launching of in 2001, many unauthorized copies of our original plans and/or articles have been seen posted in other websites. Although imitation is supposedly the best form of flattery, unfortunately it is also theft and it costs us in more ways than one.

We are now committed to taking action against those who infringe upon our copyright and acting vigorously against any violation. more >>>

Under no circumstance do we allow any of our original articles or images contained in to be displayed in any other website.

What you can do without permission.

You may print copy of any Buildeazy free plan or article for your own use. You may link to any of our material... more >>>

What is a copyright?

A copyright is a form of law that protects authors' works from being stolen... more >>>

At what time are the original works in this website copyright protected?

From the moment they are created... more >>>

What harm can copyright infringers do?

Heaps and heaps. Not only monetary harm but... more >>>

How can copyright infringers be tracked?

Very easily and it's getting easier by the day. There are many ways to track down pirated works on the internet ... more >>>

What action can be taken against copyright infringers?

Many options are available, including lawsuits. Under the DMCA, hosts and other service providers such as search engines and eBay, are obliged to take appropriate action against infringers once they have been notified of such in the correct manner... more >>>

What is the DMCA?

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Under the DMCA, copyright owners can notify hosts, search engines, and other service providers... more >>>

What is a C & D?

A Cease & Desist letter is a letter sent to the copyright infringer and sometimes other parties... more >>>

In what countries are copyright works protected?

Most countries offer protection to foreign works through international copyright treaties and conventions... more >>>

What if a copyright infringer is from a country that is not included in an international copyright treaty?

Chances are that the infringer will have a host or service provider that is in a country included in an international copyright treaty... more >>>

What action will Buildeazy take against copyright infringers?

Action taken will depend upon the severity of the infringement... more >>>

Help us stop intellectual property theft.

Help us stop intellectual property theft by reporting any known infringements or sharing with us and our viewers any other ideas that might be used in combating plagiarism (just another word for stealing copyright protected stuff) ... more >>>