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At what time are the original works in this website copyright protected?
From the moment they are created and fixed in tangible form.

For example, when an original plan-set article is created and on paper, or saved in a computer program such as a word processing program or an HTML editor, the article can then be seen to exist and from that moment the article is copyright protected.

When the article goes online (uploaded to the Buildeazy website) it is still copyright protected. No one has any rights to the article without permission from the copyright owner.

The copyright owner is the creator of the article, or the person or company that employed the person that created the article.
In Buildeazy's case, the copyright owner of all original Buildeazy articles in is Buildeazy. Com Ltd, which is a limited liability company.

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What harm can copyright infringers do?
Heaps and heaps. Copyright infringers who steal original website material and post it on another website can cause all sorts of harm. Here's a few examples:

bullet Search engines do not favor duplicated or closely duplicated website pages. Sometimes the wrong website (the original) can get punished by the search engines, thus allowing the plagiaristic website to enjoy more search engine traffic at the expense of the website that owns and hosts the original material.

bullet Doubt as to who the owner of the material really is.

bullet Financial losses.

bullet And of course trying to minimize the damage caused is such a wasteful, time-consuming pain in the butt!

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How can copyright infringers be tracked?
There are many ways to track down pirated works on the internet.

Probably one of the most easy and effective ways to find copied works online is to copy a paragraph or two (or even the whole page) of text from your website page, paste it into a search engine's text box and click the search button. You will soon see which copies of your work might be floating around in cyberspace. The search engine will return exact copies as well as similar copies.

There are also many software programs and services that can scan the World Wide Web and find pages that have exact or similar content to a particular page.
One such free service is "Copyscape". Just go to their website at, enter the URL (page address) of your webpage into the text box and they will search for copies of your page on the Web.

Sometimes copies of a page which might be in other people's websites can be hidden from search engines, usually because a code of sorts is placed in the page source stopping search engine robots from crawling and gathering information.
This is not very common because most (business) websites rely on the search engines to bring them enough traffic to survive.
In most cases, copies that are hidden usually come to light simply because visitors report them to the site from which the content was copied.

Make no mistake, there are a lot of people out there who will report alleged copyright infringement to the copyright owner.

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What action can be taken against copyright infringers?
Many options are available including:

bullet Sending a notice of infringement complying with the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) to the infringer,s service providers.
The service providers are now obliged to take appropriate action under the DMCA.

bullet Sending a C & D (Cease & Desist) letter to the infringer, the infringer's service provider and an attorney.

bullet Legal action.

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