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What action will Buildeazy take against copyright infringers?
Action will be taken according to the severity of the infringement. Typically, such action ranges from a "do you know that content is mine? etc" letter or a Cease &Desist (C & D) letter, followed by notices of alleged infringement that comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to the service providers and, as a last resort, a law suit.

Some people copy others' original content quite innocently and post it on their website. They may even give full accreditation to the rightful copyright owner, often thinking that they are actually doing the copyright owner a favor. At the other end of the scale, some purposely take others' content for their own financial gain and deliberately give the impression that they are the rightful content owner. This latter instance is a most serious offence.

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Help us stop intellectual property theft.
Help us stop intellectual property theft by reporting any known infringements or sharing with us and our visitors any other ideas that might be used in combating plagiarism (just another word for stealing copyright protected stuff).

Please email us via the Contact Us page if you have any helpful info or see any of Buildeazy's data, plans, or images displayed on any site without permission.

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