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DIY cross-leg Garden Table & Bench

Just the tabletop and bench top boards to go

tabletop screw hole plan

tabletop screw detail

Note: As well as this free online version, You can also purchase this plan in downloadable PDF file, print-friendly and in clean copy (free of ads) for only $5.00.   Click here to purchase.
The plans can be purchased online and immediately downloaded to your computer.

Lay the tabletop and bench top boards on their respective frames ensuring all overhangs are equal and there is a slight gap (1/4") between all boards to allow for water run off.
Mark for screw placement, in line with the rails and about 25mm in from the sides of the boards. Refer to the drawing below.
Take the boards off and drill the screw holes - the same size as the screw shanks.
Then lay the boards back in place, drill pilot holes into the rails (slightly smaller than the screw size) where the screws are to go, add the screws and tighten.

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