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How to build a folding step stool [Table of contents below]

step stool with folding step


This step stool is a very practical, multi-purpose unit which would find a place in just about any house. It serves as a set of steps, a seat and a stand, all in one.

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The step stool stands 400mm (16") high, 400mm (16") wide and 235mm (9 1/4") deep when the step is turned in. It is constructed out of 250mm x 25mm (1" x 10") and 100mm x 25mm (1" x 4") boards.

Safety note: Supervise younger children. Refer to the 'Safety first' notes at the end of the instructions for more information.

About the wood dimensions
All dimensions are given in both Metric (mm) and Imperial (inches). The size (width and thickness) of the wood referred to throughout this project is the 'actual size' or 'true size', that is, the size of the lumber when it has been finished/planed. Before the lumber has been finished/planed it is called the 'nominal size'. For example: 250mm x 25mm (1" x 10") when planed may become 235mm x 19mm (3/4"x 9 1/4") actual size.
Below are the plan drawings.
Under the drawings is a cutting list with descriptions of all the pieces.

The instructions, with pictures included, are on successive pages

step stool plans
step stool drawings

Below is a cutting list and description of all the pieces of wood.

step stool cutting list

You will also need a bit of wood glue and about thirty-eight 50mm (2") long wood screws and a couple of hinges.


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