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This page should help you find your way around the Buildeazy website.

So! You want free plans & woodworking projects
A wide range of free plans from the Buildeazy website (our very own).
Alphabetically listed, view by image, or categorized. Enter

So! You want "Buy 'N' Build" downloadable plans.
All the BuildEazy free plans have advertising, because that's what feeds the baby.
If you want projects free of advertising and 'print friendly', a popular selection of BuildEazy plans are in downloadable format - but for a small cost. Only $5.00   Enter

So! You want help with some stuff
We do not personally offer or give any diy advice by e-mail or snail mail or get involved in any forum discussions ourselves, but we do have plenty of help initiatives. Enter

So! your looking for other stuff
Most of the main headings are listed in the contents page.
All the new stuff is listed in the what's new page.
If you want to see DIY photos and articles of BuildEazy projects undertaken by other people and sent to us, go to the DIYers Photos and Articles page.

More stuff

Old Forum
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If you still cannot find what you are looking for in the titles above, try the Google Search Box at the top of the page. Just enter a keyword/s or a description into the google search box and your search will return all relevant content from the Buildeazy website, and if we don't have it - maybe the world-wide-web will.