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The BuildEazy free-plan list


Below is the complete list of buildeazy's own free wood working and project plans in alphabetical order. Click on a link below to jump straight to that particular project.
All plans listed are copyright protected. Feel free to use them for your own personal use. Please note that Buildeazy does not give any project advice or help directly. Help is in the form of user input (if any), found at the end of most projects.


Projects beginning E, F, G, H, I, J, K  
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Easel     How to make an artists easel
Easel, kids     How to build a kids multipurpose easel
Elf cave     How to build a kids concrete-plaster elf cave
Fences and Gates     A selection
Fences     Standard 1800mm (6ft) high vertical board fence
Fences     Lattice top. 1800mm (6ft) high fence with lattice on top.
Fences     Pipe and mesh fence.
Fish pond   A small concrete fish pond.
Folding picnic table   Picnic table folds back into two separate bench seats.
Folding picnic table compact   How to make a one-piece compact folding picnic table.
Fort   how to make a kids play fort.
Fretwork pattern   Pattern suitable for corbel.
Garage single   In both metric and imperial dimensions.
Garden bridge   An arched garden bridge.
Garden Lounge   Relaxing garden lounge chair.
Garden pond   A simple garden pond 400mm deep.
Garden seat   A simple to make three seater garden seat.
Garden Shed   Garden shed. Metric and Standard
Garden wheelbarrow   A timber garden planter box wheelbarrow.
Gate   A trellis top fence gate.
Gate   A basic garden gate.
Gate   A picket gate.

Gate   A simple 6ft high fence gate.
Gates and Fences     A selection.
Gates double   How to make and fit double gates.
Gates driveway   How to make a pair of driveway gates
Gate sliding   How to make a sliding gate
Gazebo (metric)   An octagonal 2400mm diameter timber gazebo.
Gazebo (ft & ins)   An octagonal 8ft diameter timber gazebo.
Glasshouse   A small attractive wooden framed lean-to glasshouse.
Greenhouse   A 2400mm (8ft) wide by 3000mm (10ft) long greenhouse.
Hall bench     How to build a hall bench seat.
Handrail  Timber handrail for deck or balcony
Hexagonal table  A hexagonal bbq table
Hutch   How to make an indoor rabbit hutch.
Kennel   Dog house. Metric (mm) version
Kennel   Dog house. Imperial (ft & ins) version
Kids folding picnic table   Ideal for kids around 3 to 6 yrs old.
Kid's playhouse   Wendy house.
Kid's scooter   kids scooter. Metric and imperial versions.
Kid's table   Kid's bbq table.
kids desk   How to make a Kid's Desk out of plywood
Kid's table   kids picnic table. Metric and imperial versions.
Kid's Walker/pushcart   How to make a kid's walker/pushcart.
King chair   How to make a kings chair.
Kitchen steps   How to make a set of multipurpose kitchen steps.

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