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Guide to building a Shell only
Single Garage
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Page 11: Bracing and fastening

Bracing and Fastening against uplift
garage fixing detail
WALLS: The plywood cladding (in most cases) will be more than enough wall bracing on its own right, provided each sheet joins on a stud and ample nails are placed around the perimeter of the plywood sheets, i.e. flathead nails 150 (6") apart. The intermediate nailing can be spaced every 300 (1ft). Only the sheets that make up the bracing elements will need to be nailed in this fashion.

ROOF: Use diagonally opposed metal galvanized strap, 25x1 (1/16x1") with tensioners on each plane, as shown in drawing for the roof bracing. Each end of the strap should be folded over and fixed to rafter top and sides.

Fastening against uplift
The garage needs to be fastened against uplift, from the footings to the roof. The posts [b] can be fastened to the bottom plate [c] with wire dogs, metal strap, galvanized plate bolted to post and bottom plate, or any other approved fastener. The bottom plate [c] can be fastened to the stud [d] with wire dogs or metal strap and likewise the stud [d] to the top plate [f]. Only studs over or near the posts need to be fastened this way.

The rafters [j] can be fastened to the top plate [f] with wire dogs (z nails), two per rafter. The header [h] also can be fastened to the trimmer [e] and top plate [f] with metal strap.

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bullet Page 9: The roof cladding
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bullet Page 11: Bracing and fastening
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bullet Page 14: Glossary of terms
bullet Page 15: A guide to building the garage

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