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Kids bbq table

a kids picnic table
Plans - Instructions - Material list
Below are the plans, instructions & cutting list for each piece of timber needed to construct the kids bbq picnic table. This is a smaller copy of the full-size 4 seater bbq table.

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Timber sizes used in this project (in millimetres) are 150x25 (seats and table top) and 75x25 (legs, seat supports, table supports and brace)

150x25 timber usually machines (dresses, planes)down to approx 140x20.

75x25 timber usually machines (dresses, planes)down to approx 65x20.

Pine is a typical timber that can be used for this project. Untreated timber can be used if the table is to be used indoors. If the table is to be left outside, choose a timber that has a natural resistance to decay (doesn't rot easily) in preference to a pressure-treated timber. The chemicals in some pressure-treated timber can make for a potentially dangerous eating surface.

Your local timber supplier can advise you on the available options.

End profile
small picnic table end profile
Front profile
small picnic table front profile
Individual pieces
small picnic table parts

Cutting List
  Item Size / Description Quantity
a legs 75x25 (actual size 65x20) 592mm long and angled each end 30 degrees off square. See diagram above.
b Cross member table top supports 75x25 (actual size 65x20) x 420mm long. Angle each end. Angle is for decorative purposes only.
c Cross member seat supports 75x25 (actual size 65x20) x 840mm long. Angle each end. Angle is for decorative purposes only.
d Brace / Spreader 75x25 (actual size 65x20) x 620mm long.
e Table top boards 150x25 (actual size 140x20) x 900mm long.
f Seat boards 150x25 (actual size 140x20) x 900mm long.

The Instructions

Step one.   Cut all the pieces of timber as per cutting list and drawing above.

Step two.   On an even surface make up the two end frames. To do this first lay the cross members (b) and (c) i.e. table and seat supports, flat on the ground and then lay the legs (a) in place on top. Ensure the seat/table supports and the legs are as dimensions shown in the 'end profile' diagram above. Fasten together using 4 32x10g csk wood screws at each intersection.

Step three.   Stand the two end frames up and fix the brace (d) in place using two 40x10g csk wood screws at each end. Ensure the brace is in the middle of the two end frames and flush with the top. This brace also acts as a spacer for the two end frames.

Step four.   Lay the remaining five boards, i.e. two seat boards (f) and three top boards (e), in place on top of the seat and top supports. Check that the overhang is equal at both ends and that all is square
Fix boards (f) to the seat supports (c) and boards (e) to the top supports (b). Use two 40x10g csk wood screws at each meeting.

Note:   For added strength, glue all joins before screwing.
Pre-drill the screw holes with a drill bit slightly smaller than the shank of the screw. This will stop possible splitting.

All done. Eazy with a "Z".
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