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Double fence gates

double gates

How to make and fit DOUBLE LUMBER GATES and how to offset and align the hinges
allowing the gates to open over raised ground.

bullet Page 1: Introduction and how to hinge and align a gate
bullet Page 2: How to make double gates
bullet Page 3: How to fit double gates
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Page two: How to make double gates

Measure for the gates.
Measure the width of the opening between the fence posts where the gates are to go. Deduct approximately 25mm (1") to allow for the gaps between the two gates and also between each gate and post.

gate opening

In this case, the opening was 2125mm (85"). We therefore made each gate frame 1050mm (42") wide. That allowed for an 8mm (1/3") gap between the two gates and also between each gate and post.

When making the gate frames, plan so that the bottom horizontal frame member will line up with the bottom horizontal fence rail. Refer to Fig.1 in the previous page. This is important on the gate that requires an offset bottom hinge.

The gate frame and hinge offset block.
On even ground, make two rectangular gate frames out of 75x50 (2x3) lumber.

double gate frame

Square and brace the gate frames.
Measure the two opposing diagonals of each gate frame. Adjust each frame until the two opposing diagonal measurements are the same, then the corners of the rectangles will be at right angles.
(In other words, the frames will be square and not be skew-whiff!)

For each gate bracing, lie a piece of 75x50 (2x3) lumber diagonally from corner to corner on the frames. Mark, cut and fix in place with galvanized nails. (See picture).

As shown in the picture, bolt a block of wood to the bottom horizontal frame member. The thickness of the block and the overhang will depend on the required hinge offset. Refer to previous page.

nail the gate boards and fit the hinges

Nail the vertical gate boards to the frames and fix the hinges.
Turn the gate frames over and nail the 150x25 (1x6) vertical fence boards to the frames using 60mm (2 1/2") flat head galvanized nails. Make The boards flush (even) with the sides of the frames and overhanging top and bottom to suit. The last fence board on each gate might need to be cut (ripped) down the length of the board to fit flush with the edge of the gate frame.

Turn the gate frames back over, and fix the hinges. Make sure the top and bottom hinges are in alignment. See picture.

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