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Double fence gates

double gates

How to make and fit DOUBLE LUMBER GATES and how to offset and align the hinges
allowing the gates to open over raised ground.

bullet Page 1: Introduction and how to hinge and align a gate
bullet Page 2: How to make double gates
bullet Page 3: How to fit double gates
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Fix the gates in place.
Place the gates in between the two gate posts and sit them on a level board packed up off the ground to the required height (see above picture). Place wedges or packers at the sides of the gates and the middle of the gates so that the gaps between the gates and posts are even, and the gates are 'jammed in place'.

The gates should be able to stay in position by themselves while the hinges are screwed in place.

check that the double gates open

Check that the gate opens.
Take out all wedges and packers and see how the gates open.

The gate with the offset hinge should lift above raised ground when opened.

add the hardware to the gates

Finishing touches to the gates
Close the gates and add the hardware.

Fit the bolt and gate latch. Note that usually the latch should be put half-way up the gate, but if the gate is to keep little kids in or out, then put the gate latch towards the top of the gate.

Finally, cut a hole in the gate handy to the latch and big enough to put a hand through. This is so the gate can be opened from inside or outside.

NOTE: There is also another benefit to the "offset hinge": the gate will always swing shut by itself, merely because of gravity.

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