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How to make a
Step Stool
step stool
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How to make a step stool
bullet Page one: Introduction - Plans - Parts description
arrow Page two: Marking, cutting and drilling
bullet Page three: Making the stool and step
bullet Page four: Attaching the step
bullet Page five: Safety concerns   -   User Comments/Photos

cuting the pieces for the step stool Step 1: Cut the pieces

Cut all the pieces out of 235mm x 19mm (3/4" x 9 1/4") and 90mm x 19mm (3/4" x 3 1/2") board.

Refer to the cutting list on the previous page for the lengths.

Once cut to length, the side pieces [a] and [d] then need to be shaped as shown in the plan on the previous page.

You can use a bread plate with a diameter of about 194mm (7 3/4') to mark the curves.
The curves can then be cut with a jig-saw.

pre-drill all the screw holes for the step stool Step 2: Mark and drill the screw holes

Mark the positions of the rails on the side pieces and also mark the positions of the side pieces on the underside of the stool top [c] and tread [g].
Refer to the plan) on the previous page for placement and dimensions.

Then drill all the screw holes within the marked areas as shown in the picture.

Make the hole diameters slightly bigger than the screw shanks.

Fix the stool sides to the front rail Step 3: Fix the stool sides to the front rail

Glue each end of the front rail [b] and lay it on a flat surface.

Position the two stool side pieces [a] either side of the rail.

Screw the two stool side pieces to the rail.

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