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How to make a
Step Stool
step stool
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How to make a step stool
bullet Page one: Introduction - Plans - Parts description
bullet Page two: Marking, cutting and drilling
arrow Page three: Making the stool and step
bullet Page four: Attaching the step
bullet Page five: Safety concerns   -   User Comments/Photos

screw in the two rear step stool rails Step 4: Fix the stool sides to the rear rails

Turn the unit over.

Smear a bit of glue on both ends of the rear rails and position them in place between the two stool side pieces.

Hold the unit in place with a clamp.

Then screw the side pieces to the rails.

attach the stool top to the rails and side pieces Step 5: Screw on the stool top

Glue the top of the stool side pieces [a].

Position the stool top [c] on top of the two stool side pieces [a] and fix with screws.

fix the step sides to the rails Step 6: Make the step frame

Smear a bit of glue on the ends of both step rails [e] and [f].

Position the step front rail [e] and the step rear rail [f] in-between the two step side pieces [d] and hold in place with a clamp.

Then screw the side pieces to the rails.

attach the tread to the step frame Step 7: Screw on the tread

Glue the top of the step side pieces [d].

Position the tread [g] against the top of the two side pieces [d] and secure with screws.

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