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How to make a
Step Stool
step stool
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How to make a step stool
bullet Page one: Introduction - Plans - Parts description
bullet Page two: Marking, cutting and drilling
bullet Page three: Making the stool and step
arrow Page four: Attaching the step
bullet Page five: Safety concerns   -   User Comments/Photos

screw a pair of hinges to the step unit Step 8: Fit the hinges

Screw one half of a pair of 75mm (3") butt hinges to the bottom of the step rear rail [f].

Position the hinges about 32mm (1 1/4") in from each end.

Fix the step to the stool Step 9: Fix the step to the stool

Sit the step rail [f] on top of the front stool rail [b].

Ensure that the step unit is positioned exactly in the center between the stool side pieces [a].

Screw the loose ends of the hinges to the front stool rail [b].

The step unit will now be able to pivot on the hinges and fold up into the stool unit.

cover the screw holes Step 10: Fill the screw holes

Cover the screw heads if you prefer.
Here are four options.

1.) Leave the screw heads exposed.
2.) Put caps over the screw heads (as shown in the picture). Plastic caps to fit just about any type of screw head can be purchased.
3.) Countersink the screw in a bit and fill up the hole with a suitable wood filler.
4.) Bury the screw further into the wood and plug the hole with a purpose-made plug or a piece of dowel (round wood).

Done!   Eazy with a "Z"

a step-stool with the step down     a step-stool with the step folded up

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