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How to make a
Step Stool
step stool
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How to make a step stool
bullet Page one: Introduction - Plans - Parts description
bullet Page two: Marking, cutting and drilling
bullet Page three: Making the stool and step
bullet Page four: Attaching the step
arrow Page five: Safety concerns   -   User Comments/Photos

Safety first.
This step stool is not recommended for younger children.
Please be mindful that a degree of balance and a common sense approach to foot placement is required for safe use of the step stool, this is something that a younger child may not possess or understand.
In the fig's below is one example of how a child (or anyone for that matter) could have a mishap while climbing the step stool. Also shown is how a side extension piece may help minimize such a mishap.
child climbing up a step stool
A young child climbs up the step stool placing his/her foot near the front of the top step.
The young child continues to climb with his/her foot near the front of the top step.
A slight pushing away movement causes the step stool to tilt over and the child to fall off the stool.
A side extension piece may help minimize a possible 'fold-back' mishap.
Even with the side extension, the same rule still applies -" the step stool is not recommended for younger children" - although the extension will add a bit more stability.

The side extension
boy climbing the step stool an extension to the side of the step stool
Adding at least a 50mm (2") wide extension to the sides of the step stool will add more stability.
Note 1: The wider the extension, the less chance of a fold-back mishap.
Note 2: The photo on the right is to show how a child is likely to place his/her foot near the front of the top step rather than in the middle, setting up for a possible mishap as the climbing continues.
The side extension piece may help minimize the chance of a 'fold-back' mishap.

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User Comments Author: Les Kenny
Editor: Maree Anderson

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User comments and/or photos

I built your step stool plan yesterday, (see pic). I believe your Item (d) should be 3/4" X 8- 3/4 X 7- 1/4" long to allow for about 1/2" overhang on first step tread. Nice plan though, my wife has been wanting one for a while now. Thanks Jim Green Phenix City, Alabama   click here to see photo

Folding step stool - Our grandchildren need a step up to get to the sink in the bathroom. When the plastic stool we had broke, I looked for some plans and found the folding step stool and made 3 of them, 1 for each of our daughters and 1 for us.
But a problem soon arose. When the 2 year old stepped from the first step to the second, putting her foot near the front of the top step, the step stool folded up and collapsed, leaving her on the floor in a heap. No damage done, but I would not recommend the folding stool for a young person.
Bob Palmateer Bolton, Ontario, Canada.

Buildeazy reply Thank you for you comments. We have added a 'Safety first' page that should address those concerns, and also we have recommended that the step stool should not be used by younger children.

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