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DIYers Photos and Articles

This page is dedicated to the DIYers that have completed a buildeazy project and have sent us a picture of the finished product accompanied by a story or comment .
We welcome all photos and/or articles regarding projects from the Buildeazy site. Please send any submissions via the contact us page

Re Octagonal Picnic Table Project

Octagonal Picnic Table by Briam

The octagonal picnic table plans were great and very easy to follow! As you can see on the picture, I made several changes. Borrowing a suggestion from another reader, I doubled up the legs.
Since I used 5/4" deck boards for both the table top and the seats, I also added some cleats under the seats for additional support. I added @ 5 1/2" to the leg lengths for a taller picnic table.
I also used the revised plans for the table top, but the slightly longer original plans for the seat to give some additional room.
Lastly, I counter sunk and filled/sanded all the screw holes, and bored 1 1/2" dia. pockets so that all the carriage bolt heads and nuts would be recessed and flush with the board surfaces. Applied 2 coats of weatherproof solid stain, and we are ready for outdoor entertaining!
Thanks! Brian S. Gardner

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