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DIYers Photos and Articles

DIYers Photos and Articles
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This section is dedicated to the DIYers that have completed a buildeazy project and have sent us a picture of the finished product accompanied by a story or comment .
We welcome all photos and/or articles regarding projects from the Buildeazy site. Please send any submissions via the contact us page

shed built using a buildeazy woodworking plan How to make a Narrow Shed
I would just like to says thanks for the help. Your site is great it helped find the perfect storage solution for my small backyard. Your site gave me great info on where to start and what to do as this is the first building I've ever built. You may use the following photo (if you wish) to show a finished product.
Bill Griffin, Groves, TX.    Click on image to enlarge.

chairs made from buildeazy free adirondack woodworking plans How to make an Adirondack Chair
Hi, Thank you for the wonderful plans. I really enjoy making the Adirondack chairs. I make them with pressure treated wood for legs and bottom and with pine for rest, I have made for 14 so far and give them to friends and family as gifts.
Bob Letendre, Swansea MA    Click on image to enlarge.

a simple garden seat made from a buildeazy woodworking plan How to make a simple garden seat
Hi, The Garden Seat plans are excellent, thanks for putting them up online. As a novice I found the instructions and diagrams very clear and easy to follow. I would agree with the previous comment about 15 degree angle for the seat. I changed the dimensions to 6 feet long, a bit taller and deeper. I couldn't get 2x4 inch boards so I used 6x1.5 inch mahogany instead and it turned out plenty strong enough. To give extra strength to the seat and back boards, I used 120mm screws instead of nails, sunk and plugged for a smooth finish. Photo attached. Thanks again, great plans.
Tim    Click on image to enlarge.


Simple garden seat
Hello, Last year I built your "Garden Seat". I had not taken on anything this large previously, the plans were concise making the bench a quick build.
I made only one change to the plans, increasing the angle of the backrest from 10 degrees to 15 degrees.
I used scrap lumber,so the only costs were hardware, primer and exterior paint. The bench is rugged and will last a very long time, it also has an anti-theft mechanism built in, as it weights so much. Thank you for the plans. M Holtan


garden bench seat
Click on image to enlarge

wishing well that Lewis built How to make a Wishing well
Dear Sir, Here is a picture of the wishing well planter that I built from your free project plans. I have made a few changes to fit my taste, but it is your plan that I built it by. Thanks for the plan, my wife just loves this planter.
Lewis Haney

Click on image to enlarge.

folding picnic table that doug built How to make a Folding Picnic Table
Here's a couple of pics of my folding picnic table built with a Buildeazy plan. Folks love it. Thanks
Doug Howell

Click on image to enlarge.


Octagonal picnic table
eight seater picnic table Hi, I had wrote questioning about placing a 1 1/4 hole in the center of a octagon table without causing a weak structure where the metal straps cross.
I figured it out and would like to pass along the information for the next person who might build the table and want to place a umbrella on it.
Go to a hardware store and get a 1 1/4" galv. floor flange and bolt it to the center of the table and then add a 12" X 1 1/4" nipple.
Eliminate the 1 1/2" pole that comes with the umbrella and place the 1 1/4" pole into the 12 " nipple. The table is heavy enough to hold the umbrella. You may have to drill the steel plates before securing it with a lag bolt. I don't do carpenters work but I found the plans very easy to follow and here is a picture of my table. Thank you very much. You made my wife very happy. Ha Ha

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