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BuildEazy™ Woodworking Projects


This (BuildEazy) website hosts our own original free woodworking plans and projects. Some of the selected free-plans also have a $5 downloadable version in PDF file, free of ads.

Our own free-plans

There are 3 ways to browse through the list of BuildEazy original free plans;   A-Z listings, thumbnail images, or categorized sections. This link will take you to the free-plan gateway.

Free-plan gateway »

Selected $5 buy-plans

Some of the selected free-plans made into handy $5 downloadable PDF files, print friendly and ad free. This is the way to go if you're serious about doing a project.

$5 Buy-plan list »

So what's the difference between a BuildEazy free-plan and a BuildEazy $5 buy-plan?

As far as content goes, there is very little difference.   Most BuildEazy free-plans have the same content as their buy-plan counterparts, i.e., there is no extra stuff in the buy-plans (for the most, anyway).

The free plans are populated with ads and cannot be printed out in one single file. The $5 versions are in downloadable PDF file - free of any ads and print friendly. They can be purchased online and immediately downloaded to your computer where you can refer to them at will or print them out (or part of) whenever you want.
The $5 option is there because readers have requested it in clean copy. If you are serious about undertaking a project, then the $5 option is the way to go.

How the $5 buy-plans originated

The $5 buy-plans were initiated by reader request. The number of emails requesting or suggesting a downloadable, ad free, printable version of any particular plan even for a small cost, was enough to warrant the $5 buy-plans.
The buy-plans are very popular and have proven to be a good idea. It would seem that some people (percentage unknown) who are serious about a particular project prefer the $5 downloadable version for convenience.

Back-up and/or help for free-plans and/or buy-plans

Please note that we do not personally offer or give any diy advice or help by e-mail or any other means,
there is a very good source of helpful information is in the form of constructive comments and photos that are sent in by people that have undertaken a BuildEazy projects.
Such comments and photos can be found on the last page (when populated or unless otherwise stated) of most of the online plans/project. There is also a link to such pages in all the buy-plans.
We do appreciate feedback, constructive criticism, and of course the ever helpful comments and photos, all of which can be submitted via the 'contact us' page.

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