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Building a Police Box


An important note about the measurements used in this project

This project is written in both Metric (mm) and Imperial (inches).

Except for segments written separately for one system or the other, the metric measurements are given first followed by the standard measurements in brackets ( ) - for example: 100 mm x 50 mm (2" x 4").
The metric (mm) measurements given are not an exact match to their equivalent imperial (inch) counterparts.


Because similar common stock sizes vary (in actual, true sizes) from country to country as does availability of certain stock sizes. This project has been written accordingly.
This project uses common stock sizes available in North America (imperial version) and common stock sizes available in Australasia (metric version).
They are not the same in real terms.
Other counties should be able to use one system or the other - the point is, use one system or the other. Do not combine the two because they are not an exact match.


A basic piece of two-by-four (100 mm x 50 mm (2x4)) dimensional wood is actually 38 mm x 89 mm" (1½" x 3½) in real size in North America,
In Australasia, the actual real size is more like 45 mm x 90 mm (1¾" x 3½").
Australasia has a common wood size that is around 35 mm ( 1⅜") thick. North America does not.
So there are some different wood sizes used in the metric version to that of the imperial version.

To reiterate: The stock (actual) sizes used in the metric version are different to those used in the imperial (inch) version
Australasian stock availability and actual sizes are different to those in North America.
A TARDIS built using the metric measurements will be a slightly different size to the same structure using the imperial (ft and in) measurements.
So use one system or the other but don't mix and match, i.e., do not combine the two systems.

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