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Adirondack chair wishing well

Wishing well and Adirondack chair projects
from Adam, northern Ohio,USA.
Big thanks to your free online plans. It took me a long time to make both of these projects. In the end,it'll be worth it big time.

wishing well:
I followed the directions accordingly and the results are what you see. The only extra touch I gave it was adding shingles to the roofing for a better fashionable look. I must say,I like what I see and i believe I did an incredibly good job! The only issue i can see from my mistake was making the gap between the boards 3/8 (which is what the directions called for if the boards is 1" thick) which i should have made it smaller cause the metal straps look loose all the way around. If i can't sell my wishing wells,they'll look great in my front yard! either way,i can't luck out You guys are awesome for posting up the plans. Much thanks here in northern Ohio,USA.

Adirondack chairs:
these baby's are a major hit in my local area! I haven't even finished making all 4 and people are already considering them sold! Personally,I'm really starting to enjoy these Adirondack chairs. The only problem i had was taking 1 1/2" off the arms cause i thought they were too long. Wanted to shorten them up a bit. I should have never done that. Other than that,these chairs look and feel terrific! Once I'm done making them for other people,I'm gona make one for my own darn self for a change. Big thanks for your free online plans guys. Much thanks here in northern Ohio,USA. Thanks.

You can see the plans for the Adirondack chair project here, and the wishing well project here.