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Easel project
from Terry in Normal, IL
I wanted to send my version of the Easel project.
I wanted to go cheap, but still sturdy, so I used 1"x2"x8' lengths of primed MDF, cut them to proper length, and then sandwiched 7" blocks spaced every 11", starting at the top, between two lengths of them to make the final 2"x3" lengths.
Glued and screwed (single 2" deck screw on each block) the pieces to make one sturdy piece.
Had to make sure where I screwed the top piece would not interfere with the 15 degree angle cut or the bolt.
These give it kind of an artistic look, too. The rest is according to direction.
The whole project was around $23, I am estimating.
Thanks for providing the directions to it.

You can see the plans for this project here.

garden seat

Garden seat project
from Farouq
This is one of the most 'must have' and 'must do' list that every person should try,
Its easy, fun, reliable and strong structured bench type, I've tried once, and it can hold up to 8 person at one time, marvelous, then I've tried it for 2nd time, this time everybody wants to have one at their home and eventually I've promote a new hobby for my friends!!
now working on my 3rd version!

You can see the plans for this project here.

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octagonal picnic table

Octagonal picnic table project
from William Simpson, Lucedale, MS
I recently built a hexagonal BBQ/Picnic Table. Seems most have problems with the 60 degree cuts on the framing. Here is what I did and it worked beautifully.
I took a piece of scrap 2X4 I had cut off the end and screwed it to my miter saw with 2 wood screws. Using the 30 degree angle as a guide, I then cut the 60 degree angle by simply leaving my saw set at 30 degrees. My tale turned out so beautiful our oldest daughter wanted it so I immediately built a Octagonal table for our youngest daughter and her family. The Octagonal table was somewhat harder to build since I doubled up on the legs all the way around.. Next table, hopefully, to stay at our house will be another hexagonal using the doubled up legs and one other mod. I am going to attempt to countersink the nuts and washer in the legs at seat height. Yep, I'm retired. Thank you for this site. It has been wonderful for me to have access to so many great projects.

You can see the plans for this project here.