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wooden carport

Free-standing carport project
from Drew from Michigan, USA
I used your plans for a cheap car port and it turned out well so far. I chose the dimensions of 12ft x 16ft because it was more suitable for me. I also reduced the dimensions of the lumber. Rather than using 2x8's I used 2x6s, and I replaced the 2x6s with 2x4s. So the box on top was lighter in weight and because of this I was able to build it without any assistance. I figured the roof would be holding at most a 100 pounds of snow. I also bought shorter posts than I should have. I miscalculated the head room forgetting the 2x6s would bring the ceiling down 6 inches.
See pics. Initially I am just using a tarp as a roof. The polycarbonate roof panels would be around $300 so I'm postponing that for now. I looked into all sorts of roofing material and it seems that is this real cost factor in this project. Treated plywood is not much cheaper than polycarbonate panels.
The structure seems very solid. I have yet to test the pitch. Since my length is 4ft shorter, I went with the 4in pitch assuming it would be a steeper incline. But the incline is barely noticeable. I just finished so I have yet to see it in action. I can't wait for some rain or snow to see how it holds up. It will be interesting to see if 6mil tarp will last the winter.
Total price was $250USD. A bit more than I had anticipated. Less than a car tent, but much more substantial.   Thanks,

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garden royal chair

Garden throne project
from Brian Tetter, Frederick, Maryland
I really liked your plans for the garden throne. I needed a stage prop for my church this summer (a large throne), just what I was looking for. I took your plans and built my own at 50% bigger, added a padded seat and back, painted the rest gold. Here's some pics.   thanks,

You can see the plans for this project here.