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garden seat

Garden seat project
from Bonnie
I built the bench from your plans more than a year ago and it was quite useful in our front porch. However, after a while my wife suggested that we need a companion table for the bench. so a modified the plans and came up with the table as seen in the picture. I will soon be doing another bench to complete the set, but without the back rest this time. Guest have been saying that they complement the porch quite well.
Thanks a lot.

You can see the plans for this project here.

garden chair

Simple garden chair project
from Dave and Teresa, Auckland, New Zealand
Great plan, and thanks also to others who posted photos because they were really helpful. We also moved the arm supports to the outside, and changed the back supports to be vertical, as well as recessing the bolts at the front of the arm support; because we weren't confident of being able to replicate curves, we did everything with straight cuts. We used macrocarpa (Monterey Cypress); here in New Zealand it doesn't need any treatment and will just weather down to a nice grey. Thanks to Buildeazy for providing this great website!

You can see the plans for this project here.

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coffee table

Coffee table project
from Marc Gelderblom
Dear Buildeazy, I recently finished working on my coffee table with the plans listen on your site. I really enjoyed working on it and I think the table came out looking pretty good. (at least me and my wife are happy with the results)
The plans were very easy and clear. I did make one alteration. In stead of using the wooden fillets I used metal figure 8 tabletop fasteners. thank you very much!
I have included some of the photo's. If you have any questions, please let me know.

You can see the plans for this project here.