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Send us your BuildEazy project photo/s

Completed a BuildEazy project?

We would love to see a photo or two of your handiwork, maybe even with a note or story about the making of it.

Such photos and/or comments are a great help and inspiration to others contemplating the start of a project.

You can send in your BuildEazy project photos and comments here

Where are the photos/comments displayed?

Submitted photos (if appropriate) are added to the comments section at the end of the online projects.

And... thumbnail images of users work (hyperlinked to their dedicated page) can be seen here, where newer entries replace older entries.

And... they may well be added to the BuildEazy Facebook pages and Buildeazy Google+ pages

Simply because people love seeing stuff that other people make.

Lots more in the archives

As well as at the above, you can also view plenty of other peoples submitted photos here albeit from the archives and no longer updated or added to,

and a little bit more recently here (also no longer added to)

Where do I post my photos/comments?

You can send us your project photos and comments from the 'contact us' page at

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