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Rose's work Instructions Plans

Build a kids table and bench   By Les Kenny

Rose This is Rose's first woodworking project. Rose lives in East Auckland, N.Z. She is married with two small children. Rose wanted a small outside table with a separate bench that would accommodate both her kids. A table to eat as well as play.
She built the whole thing using just a handsaw, a power drill, a set square, and a few clamps. This section shows Rose going through all the steps.

Toddler  at a picnic table with Rose

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Rose says...
"Loved it.
It was a really easy project, made extra easy by using a miter box.
I have used a hand saw quite a few times in my life and it has always been easy enough, but by using the miter box to cut the wood it made it super easy. You don't have the tricky part of starting off the cut and you don't need to worry about getting it straight, you just lightly glide the saw back and forth through the miter box and it cuts through easily.
The drill took a bit of getting used to.
If I wasn't completely straight to the screw it would wobble and make a noise but if I was perfectly straight the screws went in smoothly.
I enjoyed drilling the holes the most, and seeing it all come together.
The plans were very easy to follow and I love the end result.
If I were to do it again I would make the bench seat and table a foot or two longer."

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