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Novice Women Woodworkers

Rose's work Instructions Plans

Build a kids table and bench   By Les Kenny

Step 2. Drilling screw holes xxxxxxxxxx

Screw holes had to be drilled at each end of all the side pieces according to positions given in the instructions.

Rose was also a beginner with a power drill, and although she was a bit slow to start, she had it mastered by the finish.
Using it (the power drill) to make the miter box previously also gave her a bit of practice.

Step 3. Marking side board positions table side board positions marked

Referring to the plans and instructions Rose marked for the middle side board on the table top rails and footers, and also the center of the bench top rails and footers.

There are three vertical boards each side of the table but only two vertical boards each side of the bench, so the table sides and bench sides have to be marked differently.
It did take a little bit of plan concentration.

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