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How to make a Concrete Chair
a concrete chair
woodworking projects from the do-it-yourself carpentery workshop

How to make a Concrete Chair See the video
bullet Page one: Introduction
bullet Page two: The Plans and Material Requirements
bullet Page three: Instructions - Making the Form
arrow Page four: Instructions - The Reinforcing Steel
bullet Page five: Instructions - Pouring the Concrete
bullet Page six: Instructions - The Footing
bullet Page seven: The Finishing Touches   -   User Comments/Photos

Placing the reinforcing steel.

Step 5. Positioning the form for the steel and concrete Positioning the concrete chair form for the steel and concrete

Sit the form UPSIDE-DOWN on blocks of wood, or any other suitable solid structure.

Ensure the top stop end (which is now at the bottom, because the chair is upside-down) is resting on the ground.

Don't prop the form on anything flimsy, as once the concrete goes in, it will be very heavy.

Step 6. Preparing the reinforcing steel prepairing the reinforcing rod for the concrete chair

Cut and bend three pieces of #3 rebar (which is 3/8" diameter rod) to the shape of the chair allowing for an extra 20" protruding past the bottom of the form. Refer to the plans

Tip: Use water pipe to help bend the steel. See the picture below.
bending the reinforcing steel for the concrete chair

Placing the steel in the concrete chair form Step 7. Placing the steel in the form

Place the steel reinforcing in the form so that it makes a grid and tie it together with tie wire.

The steel should be sticking out the top of the form by about 20".
The top is really the bottom because the form is currently upside down, remember?

The steel that is sticking out of the form will eventually become the steel that goes into the footing hole.

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