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How to build a King Chair

Step 3. Make the side frames

king chair side-frame plan

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making up the side frames of the king seat

Lay the front legs [a], back legs [b] and the side seat rails [d] loosely in place on a flat surface. Refer to the plan on page 3 for position.

Mark the screw holes in the front legs [a] and the back legs [b].

Take the front legs [a] and the back legs [b] and drill the screw holes.

Refer to the fixing method diagram below for drilling and screwing detail.

king seat joint fixing detail

Once the screw holes are drilled, lay the front legs [a], back legs [b] and the side seat rails [d] in place again on a flat surface.

Cut a spacer piece an inch (25mm) shorter than the side seat rail [d] and place it between the bottom of the legs.

Why an inch (25mm) shorter?
Because the front and back legs are not parallel. The back leg is tilted 3°.

Next glue and clamp the legs to the side seat rails and then add the screws.

Shape and fit the arms.

Shape and cut the arms according to the plan below. There are two options.

king seat arm detail

Once shaped and cut, fix the arms [g] to the front legs [a] and back legs [b] with glue and screws.