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How to make a Track Dolly
track dolly made by buildeazy
woodworking projects from the do-it-yourself carpentery workshop

How to make a Track Dolly
bullet Page one: Introduction - Materials list
bullet Page two: The wheels and the angle
bullet Page three: The dolly platform
arrow Page four: The tracks   -   User Comments/Photos
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make the dolly tracks and test run Step 4: Make the tracks and try it

Most PVC waste or water pipe is measured from the inside, whereas a lot of conduit pipes are measured from the outside. Therefore, it is possible to get a PVC waste pipe with a 1 1/4" (32mm) inside diameter and a PVC conduit pipe with a 1/4" (32mm) outside diameter.

Theoretically, the conduit pipe should fit snugly into the waste pipe even though both pipes are called the same size.
Anyway, it works because we found both size pipes.

Cut four pieces of 1 1/4" (32mm) outside diameter PVC conduit pipe 6" (150mm) long.

Cut four pieces of 1 1/4" (32mm) inside diameter PVC waste pipe 10ft (3000mm) long.

Put a bit of PVC pipe glue around the inside-end of one of the pieces of 1 1/4" (32mm) inside diameter PVC waste pipe.

Poke a piece of conduit pipe halfway into the end of the waste pipe so that 3" (75mm) is inside and 3" (75mm) is sticking out.
Do the same to the other three lengths.

You can now join the pipes together making a longer track. See picture.
the track dolly roller system Lay the pipes parallel on the ground approximately 20 1/2" (525mm) apart. You do not have to be too fussy, as once the dolly starts running it will align the pipes automatically.

Simply drop the dolly onto the tracks and watch it give the tripod and camera a smooth ride.


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